Remember… there’s no Do-overs in Email

“Etiquette means behaving yourself a little better than is absolutely necessary.” – Bill Cuppy – American Author

In a world of fast internet speeds and instant messages, all of us are guilty of thoughtlessly sending a quick email without realizing the tone or effect our words have on the receiver. Correspondence is an art form and the communication necessary to portray a professional and appropriate manner is important. Having proper email etiquette shows you are responsive in a well thought out manner and have utilized your training to appropriately communicate. There are several key factors to consider before clicking that final “send” button.

The primary consideration when sending a business email is to remember you are a representative of your company. Writing in a too casual manner or unprofessionally will reflect badly on both you personally and on your company.

Another critical factor to email etiquette is addressing the receiver properly. Always address an email with “Hello” or “Dear” to show your respect and thoughtfulness. Also, never assume a contact is comfortable with you addressing them with their first name. It’s always proper to address someone with their appropriate title.

Simple rules such as dating your email, including previous thread emails and including copies to the appropriate parties show you are paying attention to the details of the contents.

Email is now by far the most popular form of business communication worldwide and according to telecommunications research groups, the average number of emails received each day tops 150 with the average number being sent approximately 50. The best strategy for saving time and effort by and for all parties is to communicate with clear language and effective professional direction.