Keeping Your Word

How often do we make a commitment and then fail to do it? Our word is a matter of integrity. Our word and commitments are important, have value, and show our goals and desires. There is an old saying “let your word be your bond.”

We have all had personal experiences where friends or colleagues have disappointed us by not showing up after confirming social engagements or not completing a task that was promised and we all find it infuriating. But the respect in your words becomes clearly most important in the business world where time and money are tied to deadlines that require team work.

If you are seen as unreliable there is nothing that can rebuild that trust. In the business world keeping your word is the most important factor in growing, thriving and staying in the position you hold. There is also nothing that can destroy confidence in an individual or company faster than not being dependable.

Even the most simple acts of unreliability are disrespectful, when restaurant reservations are not cancelled, time and money are wasted and staff are placed in a position to lose wages, when a babysitter does not show up in time for you to catch a movie your night can be ruined and plans with friends be disrupted.

For all of us it can sometimes be difficult to honor our commitments but the true test of integrity is of doing the right thing and having the strength and respect to honor your promises.