The Results of Handwriting

When was the last time you put a pen to paper and wrote a note? In our anonymous digital age, the need for a personal mark is increasingly more important, but in a world of touchscreens and tablets can the role of handwriting survive?

Not only is personal writing an important skill, but it is also an important art that translates into any career field. All professions require some form of communication the job to convey ideas and concepts. The rarity of receiving any kind of handwritten note from an organization or an acquaintance is always appreciated. Even a handwritten note after a job interview can be very beneficial. Some companies utilize graphology which is the analysis of handwriting as part of hiring processes.

In the business world, emailing may be the faster and simpler alternative to longhand writing, but that effortlessness can diminish our ability to communicate in a unique and creative way. Penmanship and good writing skills add to the impression of a polished and competent environment.

At your desk you see 183 emails and two handwritten notes are sitting there, which do you think stand out? A click of a button deletes all your emails but it’s very rare you’ll throw out an unopened note.

Communication is the most important part of any relationship, including business relationships.