Weather The Storm

Three weeks into the New Year we finally have some winter weather washing over the country impacting over 50 million people in the northeast. With up to 2 feet of snow in Washington, D.C. this weekend, people are bundling up, buying snow shovels and flashlights. Major travel delays as a result of blowing snow and coastal flooding could make a mess of things while schools, public transportation and airports are forced to close. As I watch the news showing frantic people stripping shelves of bread and milk I wonder if they sit by their frosty windows eating bread and gulping milk to fight off the depression of a winter day.

Lucky for us in Florida winter just means a bad beach day, urging us to pull out our light sweaters instead of our swim suits. Weather affects everything; what we eat, how we sleep, how we feel, and how we work. Weather can often cause a significant financial impact for business owners, not just seasonal businesses; all types of businesses must recognize and plan for weather trends for predicting customer investment habits. Weather changes and delays can also increase the stresses of an important event with deadlines and images of looming disasters creating distractions from the day-to-day practices of running a business of any size. The key, of course, is planning, preparation and aligning your processes. Scheduling and consistency can directly impact sales or cause projects to be postponed involving time consuming or costly catch-up work.

The strategic vision for a company requires developing a decisive plan adaptable to changing markets; they can be product markets or geographic markets depending on objectives or demand. The goal for “weather the storm” in the office place requires a plan implemented with patience, a sense of humor and minimal atmospheric disturbance.