The Rise and Fall During an Election Year

As I get ready in the morning I try and update myself with the latest news in regards to today’s politicians and the presidential campaign. I listen to the news playing in the background, glance at the “breaking news” alerts sent to my phone and hear NPR blasting from my car radio, and all I see and hear coming from these politicians is hatred and negativity. I see angry faces and see nothing productive. When I think of the money, time and energy being spent towards so much negativity, and only hear personal attacks fueled by egos and sound bites, rather than what the politicians will do to solve major problems and improve our quality of life, I turn it all off. Unfortunately I fear we all do; no matter what the presidential elections are about, Democratic or Republican, it’s ugly, loud and unproductive.

In view of past campaigns we have seen candidates using every incentive offered by voters for a lead in the ballot boxes, and it has only gotten worse. As history tells us, our society and its economic fate rises and falls during election years. And in the business world where prosperity is measured in the upcoming election, media messages can be the most harmful demon lurking over our political system.

Since most citizens use what they see and hear in the media to form their opinions in presidential elections, our political culture is a self-replicating epidemic that spreads through the public. This is not necessarily helpful in teaching us the structure of the government system or giving candidates appropriate accountability. The economics and business in our country is strong and we are a fundamentally sound leader in the world, but the rhetoric should be taken for what it is – rhetoric.