Family First

The holidays are a great time to reflect on family and serve as a reminder of what we find most important. All year long we work hard to provide for the family whom we love so much. In doing so, we can easily lose sight of our real goals. We get so wrapped up in meetings, deadlines and dollar signs that we forget about what matters most to us. Family is a precious gift that should never be taken for granted. In fact, balancing work and family life is a crucial subject we discuss on a regular basis at Vistage Florida.

When many of our members first come to us, one of the things they frequently tell uss that they need a better balance of their personal and work life. We pride ourselves in helping make this balance possible for our members through peer advising, coaching and accountability. We like to remind members that life isn’t always about trying to build wealth, but rather it’s about the journey. Or even more so, it is about building a legacy that makes a difference. Before my father, Red Scott, passed away, we had many deep and meaningful talks. During one of our talks he gave me these important words to live by, “The only legacy you leave is your family, your grandchildren and the people you’ve touched. Leave it better than you found it.”

Red always said, “I have never talked to a friend on their death bed that said they had wished they had spent more time at their work.” Family is number one. Don’t get so wrapped up in the little things in life that you forget. Take this holiday season to reflect on your family and spend time with them if possible. Show them how much you care and continue to build your legacy.

Merry Christmas!