Finding the Right Speaker

Would you like to motivate your management team? Give them new ideas and help them set higher goals for themselves? One of the best ways to do so is to bring in an outside expert resource speaker. One of the trickiest parts of bringing in a speaker is selecting the right speaker for your organization. By going to a local expert, Mrs. Angie Neal, the speaker coordinator for Vistage Florida, we gathered some helpful tips on selecting your company’s next speaker:

  1. Find a speaker who is an expert in their field. Without experience or expertise, the speaker will not be able to offer any take away value for their audience.
  2. Be certain to bring in a speaker that will give their listeners tools to work with. In other words, make sure the speaker is giving take home value to their audience. You want the speaker to equip your newly motivated team to take action after they leave the room.
  3. Look for a speaker that offers a workshop style presentation. Interactive speakers are more likely to keep your audience engaged and attentive.
  4. Keep in mind, a good speaker is adaptable to their environment. In addition to adjusting to their physical setting, they need to have the flexibility to relate and challenge any audience, no matter how big or small. Consult with your speaker before the presentation and let them know what type of audience they will be working with and your expectations.
  5. Humor is always a plus! Not every speaker needs to be funny, but it is quite refreshing to find a speaker with applicable humor, who still projects a great message. After all, laughter is the best medicine. The speaker should be dynamic, lively and an engaging communicator. These traits will hold the audience captive.

The right speaker may be costly, but employers should not shy away from making the selection if they are confident in the speaker’s abilities. A speaker should be viewed as an investment. Look for the speaker that you believe will give you the best return on investment with your team and use that speaker to get them motivated!