Become The Head Coach of Your Business

As we enter into October we are now three games into the NFL season, and all three of Florida’s teams have something in common; they all have losing records. Some might blame this on costly injuries or the immaturities of younger teams. But, I believe it is deeper than those deficiencies. A winning team faces adversity and overcomes it because of its strength as a whole. Good players make great plays and good coaches shape great players, while making timely decisions before and during the game. Yes, the final decision to go for it on fourth down, with thirty seconds left on the clock, may be up to the head coach. But, no NFL coach makes every decision without help. They surround themselves with other coaches that they believe know just as much or more about the different areas of the team. They trust them to help their team grow and prosper by listening to what other coaches have done successfully in similar instances.

 As the head coach of your business, it is important to surround yourself with peers that can offer critical advice and solutions to problems you may not have seen before. A peer advisory group improves decision making because your answers will be questioned from other trustworthy C-level executives that have faced adversity before. They can provide hind-sight vision to solutions. You can clarify the direction in which you wish to take your team, short and long term. Finally, a peer advisory group creates accountability. No great coach or business leader has ever had a successful run without being held accountable to the goals they have set for themselves and their team.

Luckily, unlike its football teams, Florida’s premiere peer advisory organization has been consistently winning for over 58 years. Vistage Florida provides the proper tools and coaching for a CEO to lead his or her team into the end zone, by making those critical game changing decisions necessary for the win!