The Members

Working with their peer advisory groups, members get answers and take action.

Members know industry challenges differ but solutions can be similar.

Stopher Bartol, Internet
Stopher launched to permanently memorialize the lives of “ordinary” people who touch our lives in extraordinary ways, leveraging the Internet to create an “ecosytem” of newspaper affiliates. As a result of his innovative approach, now has 20 million monthly visitors.
Wesley Phillips, Marketing
Wesley joined the Orange Label Art & Advertising agency in 1983 and seven years later became the CEO. Wesley attended California State University, Fullerton. He believes advertising is “an amazing tool that allows people to recognize opportunities and enhance their lives.”

Nadia Lee, Jewelry
Nadia is the Founder and CEO of Adia Kibur, a contemporary jewelry label established in1998. With her jewelry line now in over 3,000 stores nationwide, including, Ideeli, and Bluefly, she now provides consulting services to companies seeking trend and brand directions.
Ken Stober, Manufacturing
Ken is the president of Mueller Die Cut Solutions Inc., a family-owned manufacturer of die cut products in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company opened an office in China in 2006 and also expanded the headquarters to a 45,000 square-foot facility.

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