The Chair

Our Chairs, many of whom are former CEOs, expertly guide our peer groups.
Put twelve or so high performing business executives in a room and the potential is enormous. The role of a Vistage Chair is to question answers, not simply answer questions, so the core of an issue is exposed, clarity is achieved, and a forward path is charged.
World-class facilitators make a world of difference.

Our Chairs receive cutting-edge training
All Vistage Chairs receive extensive foundational training and continue to develop their skills through collaboration in our extensive Chair network.
Chairs provide one to one coaching
Each month the Chair and their members have a private, one to one session designed to help identify the most important needs and opportunities.
Chairs form groups and facilitate meetings
Chairs build groups by personally identifying, engaging and developing members. They invest time and energy into creating productive meetings and relationships.
Chairs keep members ahead of the game
The difference with Vistage Chairs is education is ever-evolving. From industry trends to negotiating tactics, Chairs ensure members are always in the know.

Meet a few of our U.S. Chairs.

Best Practice Chair Chicago
<strong>Steve Larrick</strong>

Steve was a former CEO of Harris Chernin, Inc., a large regional shoe company in Chicago.
Alan Sorkin
<strong>Alan Sorkin</strong>

Alan is a successful entrepreneur, CEO and founder of six food service, construction, and real estate development companies.
Vistage Chair Houston
<strong>Christine Spray</strong>

Christine is a fellow CEO and business advisor with a passion for helping people and companies grow.
Debra Niewald
<strong>Debra Niewald</strong>

Debra has 20 years experience across diverse industries, between New York, Chicago and Kansas City.

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