Business Mentoring

Executive Management Development - Vistage Trusted Advisor Program

Traditional corporate executive coaching programs and business consulting firms focus on one-time training workshops or leadership development retreats. Vistage takes another path, by combining peer advisory and corporate coaching to impact the lives of our members both personally and professionally.

Our members bring a wealth and diversity of experience to the table and apply their knowledge to helping each other overcome challenges and seize opportunities. Each Vistage peer advisory group is designed to help members help each other work on their most pressing business issues and improve their lives. This is the kind of business mentoring that can only come from a team of business professionals working towards one another’s success.

The role of a Vistage Chair is to ensure that every bit of that experience and wisdom is applied in each and every meeting. Our Chairs, many of whom are former CEOs and seasoned business owners, have lived through the day-to-day complexities and challenges of being the person at the top. They have experienced the intense highs and lows of having the ultimate responsibility for an organization. They have personally sacrificed time, money and in some cases relationships to drive their organizations to success. Their breadth of achievement has been no small feat.

All of that experience has placed them in a unique position to make a profound contribution to the lives of other businesses in their communities as a business mentor. Chairs say they were first attracted to Vistage by the opportunity to give back. After a lifetime of business success, they have turned to using their skills and wisdom to provide others with effective and impactful leadership development.

Through our peer advisory, business mentoring, and corporate coaching programs – all led by Vistage Chairs – our members learn how to affect positive change within their companies and improve their lives and the lives of their families and employees.