Member Testimonials

Vistage-Member Ron Wilhite

“Since joining Vistage, our company has experienced robust growth in both revenues and earnings along with a profound increase in the organization’s value and culture. Our Vistage ROI is continually measured to exponential returns” Ron Wilhite, CEO Regions Facility Services, Inc. Brooksville, FL

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Vistage-Member Ron Antevy

“Vistage was instrumental in transforming my business. Since joining twelve years ago, our revenue has grown over 1,000%. Over the years I’ve learned a great deal from the speakers as well as my fellow Members including how to build a repeatable and scalable sales organization and how to manage through change and improve execution overall. […]

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Vistage-Member Devin Grandis

“Vistage to a CEO is like law school for a lawyer. I don’t know how you can practice the profession without the right education. I learned more about being a CEO and how to run my business through my five years of Vistage education and peer discussions than I have in 20 years by hard […]

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Vistage-Member Theo Etzel

“I believe in continuing my education at all stages of my career. Vistage fills my desire to explore new ways of approaching life and business. Thought provoking speakers provide implementable ideas. My group and Chair hold me accountable. Also, I get to share my insights and knowledge with members when they ask for advice. Vistage […]

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Vistage-Member Toni Lapi

“We may all be in different businesses but the challenges we face at the top level are all very much the same.” Toni Lapi, President & CEO Sanibel Captiva Beach Resorts Captiva Island, FL

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