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Business and Executive Coaching - Vistage Private Advisory Boards

Resting on their laurels is not an option for the most successful leaders. They are lifelong learners who know they need to acquire new knowledge and skills or get left behind. The Vistage Key Program™ provides an unrivaled, constantly evolving forum for growth, giving you the tools to navigate each obstacle, and the confidence to seize every opportunity on your personal and professional journey.

Vistage Key Program™

A Vistage leadership program for Key Executives, (CFO, COO, CIO, Key Manager), the executive who is second or third in the company. Membership is appropriate for key executives of all companies regardless of size.

Program Benefits include:

  • Monthly, executive peer group meetings led by a professional Vistage Chair
  • Up to seven small-group workshops per year led by world class speakers
  • One-to-one coaching included in our CEO, president and business owner program. Key executives may choose to add the coaching for an additional fee
  • Connectivity resources, including an online best practices library, webinars and member conferences
  • Access to the Vistage global community of more than 21,000 business leaders

 Recharge Your Thinking

Diverse points of view and innovative approaches enable key executives to take a more prominent leadership position and help drive results. You’ll literally redefine your role as a highly confident leader who fearlessly steps up to the plate and makes better decisions and achieves better results. You’ll gain the insight and the authority to put your ideas into action.

Learn from Fellow Executives

Get feedback on your toughest decisions from fellow executives who have met and overcome the same challenges. The Key Program provides you with the information and confidence to move beyond day-to-day responsibilities and focus on being a leader.

Count on Trusted, Confidential Advice

Who do you turn to for objective advice with no hidden agenda? Vistage members and business coaches give you solid feedback, help you see new opportunities, and hold you accountable for taking action. The Key Program builds that circle of trusted advisors whose only agenda is helping you succeed.

Seize Opportunities for Results Now

Now more than ever, CEOs are looking to their key executives to help drive results. This business executive coaching program gives you continuous, accelerated, practical perspectives and leadership concepts that you can put into practice immediately. Start making the decisions that get better results right now.