States Hines

StatesStates Hines has been a Chairman and facilitator of Vistage Florida since 1989, and currently chairs a Chief Executive group in the Martin, Dade and Palm Beach area.

States brings with him more than fifty years of executive management experience. During his career, he has served as Vice President of Sales, Vice President of Engineering, Vice President of manufacturing, President, CEO, and Chairman of The Board of various companies that he either founded or was asked to lead. He has held leadership roles in the aero/space, chemicals, insurance, jet engine component remanufacturing, materials handling automation, electronic component manufacturing, entertainment management, sales management, subsystems manufacturing, offshore assembly and golf club, and tennis racket manufacturing. He founded the consultancy, Vision 360, in 1989 and the CFO firm, My CFO in 2009. For the last twenty-five Years he has been a Vistage Chairman and served as a senior management consultant.

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