Cindy Hesterman

Cindy Hesterman - 0055 rectangleCindy Hesterman chairs three Vistage groups in the Tampa Bay area: Two Chief Executive groups and a Key Executive group. She was a Tec/Vistage member for almost four years in the 1990’s and decided to become a Chair in 2002 to fulfill her passion of helping others. Cindy was honored as the 2004 recipient of the TEC/Vistage Robert Nourse Chair of the Year Award and the 2013 Red Scott Award.

Cindy is a CPA with a diverse background as a financial and accounting executive with small entrepreneurial companies, as well as publicly traded companies. She was involved in over 30 acquisitions, dispositions and mergers throughout her career.

Hesterman is actively involved in numerous organizations including: ACG, AFWA, AICPA, BTC, Executive Council and FICPA. In addition, she serves on the Mission and Vision Board of her Church.