Vistage Helps CPA Make Better Decisions

As a partner in one of Southwest Florida’s most prestigious accounting firms, Karen Mosteller specializes in helping businesses make smart financial decisions so they are more profitable. But this year, even during tax season, she took a day off every month to make sure she didn’t miss her Vistage meetings.

“My passion is helping businesses run better,” she says. “It’s what I do for a living and Vistage has helped me become even more effective. The education is awesome – what I’ve learned has helped me both personally and professionally.”

For instance, the partners at Markham Norton Mosteller Wright & Company are advocates of mentoring younger members of the firm who are interested in becoming partners. Mosteller and her partners created a multi-year executive education and mentoring program for them. “We worked it out and then I took it to my Vistage group for an outside perspective,” Mosteller said. “They raised questions we hadn’t thought of ourselves.”

Being a member of Vistage has also helped Mosteller help her clients because she has a sounding board when unusual issues arise. “My clients consider me to be a trusted advisor in areas beyond those where a traditional CPA would focus,” she said. “They ask us to fix problems – should I buy a building, sell or buy a business, or a physician may ask about an expensive piece of new equipment. “

As the youngest partner – who started working for the firm when she was in high school – Mosteller knows her clients expect her to have not only financial expertise but also to be able to solve a variety of business problems and also advise them on business opportunities. “I’m happiest when I am able to figure out a problem for a client and the tools I get from Vistage help me.”

Vistage 2046 Chair Barbara Monti, has high praise for Mosteller.  “Not only is she smart and an expert in her profession, Karen is a genuinely kind and likable person.  She is well-respected by the other members of our group.”

I’m happiest when I am able to figure out a problem for a client and the tools I get from Vistage help me.

Along with the peer-problem-solving focus, Mosteller has been so impressed with the Vistage speakers that she is planning to bring speaker Brett Pyle back to Fort Myers as part of her company’s corporate retreat. Another speaker, Dr. Alok Kalia, spurred both Mosteller and her husband to focus more on healthy eating and lifestyle choices.

“My Vistage group has become my extended family,” Mosteller said. “I learn something new from every presentation and I’m part of a team that I know I can call if I need them.”