Market Traders Institutes

Thrives in Unique Niche

The truth of the matter, says Isaac Martinez, COO of Market Traders Institute, is that sophisticated software and 24/5 data and news feeds make it possible for anyone – from bankers and business leaders to housewives and truck drivers – to make money on foreign exchange markets.

The issue then becomes information overload, which is where MTI can make a difference. “Our proprietary trading software (Ultimate Charting Software)can help traders decipher the flood of information that overwhelms the average traders, allowing them to make better trading decisions,” he said.

“Our mission is try to give traders an edge on the market that they would otherwise not have.”

The son of Jared Martinez, known as the FX Chief™ who pioneered training initiatives and mentoring in international financial markets more than 20 years ago, Isaac joined the family business in 1999 at age 17 and has become the mastermind of MTI’s product line.

Most Americans think of trading on foreign exchanges as something
that happens at big  international corporation’s by experts who
travel the world on a regular basis.

“We measure our success by the lives we change, as well as surveying our clients who report higher than industry average returns,” he said. “And as a family-owned business, it’s not a dog-eat-dog office – we demand high performance but we also care about the quality of lives of our employees.”

Isaac joined Vistage at the advice of his brother, Jacob, who is in another group and currently serves as president of MTI. “We see the value of spending time with people who are smarter than we are – they may not be in the same business but they’ve worked through the same issues and processes and share their hard-earned knowledge and experience with us.”

As MTI continues its rapid growth – starting from scratch just a little more than 20 years ago to revenues approaching $60 million in 2017 – Vistage helped MTI work through the acquisition of an office building in Orlando. “It wasn’t an easy acquisition but the group walked them through it,” notes Jim Downing, Isaac’s Vistage Chair.

Having Isaac in his Vistage group is also an advantage for other business leaders, Downing adds. “We have all ages in this group. The older members have life skill experiences but younger members like Isaac are more technology savvy. We all enjoy the give and take of contributing to the group.”

“We see the value of Vistage because we spend timewith
people who are smarter than we are…”