Aviation Inflatables

Sets National Standards for Airline Safety

Every day millions of people’s lives depend upon Aviation Inflatables even though they have probably never heard of it.

But Aviation Inflatables not only potentially saves lives, the company is important enough to the state’s reputation for high-tech entrepreneurs that Florida Governor Rick Scott was on hand for the December 2016 ribbon cutting at their brand-new 134,000-square-foot facility in Sunrise.

“It was fun to be part of the celebration for a company that started from scratch and now has 69 employees with plans to add another 40,”
 ~ Governor  Rick Scott

Established in 2004 to focus on the overhaul and repair of aviation emergency equipment, the company continues to add new capabilities and serves some of the world’s largest airlines with innovative technologies that have saved its customers millions of dollars. Its target market is domestic and international airlines who must meet strict Federal Aviation Authority rules on maintaining aircraft emergency equipment, such as the slides that evacuate planes quickly.

Founder German Alvarez has always been an enthusiastic member of Vistage – and its value hit close to home shortly after he signed a contract to move into the new facility that nearly doubled his operating space.

“In January 2015, our largest customer – representing 60% of our total business – cancelled its contract with us,” he said. “I went to my Vistage group and they helped us win back half of the contract – the most profitable part of the deal,” he said. “They also helped me realize the risk in having even the biggest, most well-known airline as such a large percentage of my business.”

While none of the other Vistage members in German’s group have experience in Al’s niche business, they’ve helped him strategize his way to becoming a national leader, notes Tom Evangelista, his Vistage Chair. “German has incredibly good instincts and I like to think that Vistage has brought a more strategic perspective to complement those great talents.”