Understanding the Value of Social Media

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”
~Albert Einstein

We have learned over time that the use of social media can either make or break a business or organization. With many different social media platforms reaching thousands and even millions of people, it’s necessary to understand the different and most current methods to reach and connect with your audience to increase the exposure of your business. Many businesses, it appears, can’t quite seem to engage their audiences online for any ongoing period of time. Learn how to balance your output to get the most from social media.

Whether you want to post news updates or amusing video clips, understanding which platform to post content on is crucial for getting your brand recognized and remembered. Facebook is widely used for all types of content, with millions of users scrolling through and reading the news feed. Twitter has become more popular and is the best way to send a short concise message and is preferred and utilized more and more.

Focusing on attention getting content is always important when deciding what to post on social media. Your content should create interest to your audience and give information about your business, its history, success and future goals. Providing this information will draw your audience in, and help create your brand in a consistent fashion.

Social media may seem simple to understand but there are many creative nuances that can add value and make your business grow on all platforms. Understand your audience and your message to accomplish your social media goals.

Kelly D. Scott
Vistage Florida
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