Making Meaningful Connections

“Nonsense and beauty have close connections.”
~ E.M. Forster

Making connections among fellow coworkers is important for creating a more exciting and enjoyable place to come to each day. Striking up a conversation with someone new can sometimes feel uncomfortable but, as with most things, practice makes perfect.

Whether you are interviewing a new employee or having a casual conversation, train yourself to ask and answer with authentic dialogue so you can get to know someone on a personal level.

Developing a meaningful, well thought out conversational style allows us to have in-depth conversations that are beneficial in many ways. No matter what kind of business or personal situation you are in, form questions that open people’s minds to creativity and honesty.

For example, asking more probing questions such as: What was your biggest fear as a child?  What are you most proud of? What is the failure that you learned the most from? can often open up a round of in-depth discussions.

Don’t fall into the trap of losing someone’s interest by asking weak or typical questions. Learn to ask interesting questions in any situation to make the most meaningful connections and to get the most interesting answers.

Kelly D. Scott
Vistage Florida
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